David Suzuki does not walk the talk.  We are tired of paying taxes that subsidize donations to the David Suzuki Foundation and provide his CBC salary.

The Suzuki Watch was established to raise awarness of the fact that we must must reduce human population for our environment to improve in the long-term. 

David Suzuki tells us on his Nature Challenge to adopt a 100 mile diet but his family buys tropical fruit at the Quadra Island grocery store.

David Suzuki was caught at a Quadra Island boat waste disposal facility dumping garbage bags full of recyclable cans and household compost into a collection bin designed for hazardous boat waste.

David Suzuki pipes his household sewage directly into the ocean at his Quadra Island oceanfront home.

David Suzuki owns more than one house and a yacht.

The David Suzuki Foundation refuses to publicly disclose how big their largest salaries are and who receives them.

David Suzuki had 5 children and ignores the impact of population growth on the environment.

David Suzuki has never suggested a real solution that involves stopping human population growth.

Canada needs a new environmental leader who understands that reducing our population is required to stop our environment from worsening.

We need a leader who isn’t afraid to propose reducing Canada’s immigration intake and paying people for not having children and fining those who do.

If you have information or pictures of other offences by David Suzuki or company, please contact Suzuki Watch.

DISCLAIMER: Although we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information contained on Suzuki Watch, we believe it is likely true.  If you find any false or inaccurate information on the Suzuki Watch website, please inform us so that we can make corrections.

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