Has the David Suzuki Foundation been taking corporate bribes to ignore the environmental impact of immigration-driven population growth in Canada?

On January 10th, 2008 the Government of Canada accepted the ”RBC Submission To The Competition Policy Review Panel” where Royal Bank of Canada asked for Canada’s Minister of Immigration to increase immigration intake levels to 400,000 immigrants annually: “immigration targets should be raised to between 300,000 and 400,000 immigrants per year to help meet future labour shortages


It appears that RBC has rewarded David Suzuki for ignoring immigration as an environmental concern.

In the 2005-2006 report, “RBC Foundation” gave The David Suzuki Foundation a gift of “$5000 AND ABOVE” and in 2006-2007 “RBC Foundation” and “RBC Dominion Securities” each donated to The David Suzuki Foundation.

To ensure that high immigration levels would not be criticized by the environmental establishment, RBC also gave money to The Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Here from the David Suzuki Foundation are both the 2005-2006 report and the 2006-2007 report:



In the 2007 report they say:

“We wish to give special acknowledgement to donors who have so kindly contributed gifts of $1,000,000 or more to support the work of the David Suzuki Foundation:
Stephen R. Bronfman Foundation
Patrick and Barbara Keenan Foundation
the Lefebvre Charitable Foundation
Power Corporation of Canada

We must find out who these donors are connected to.

Power Corporation of Canada?  Is that the same as Powerwise?  I read an article recently where Suzuki said that he and his foundation didn’t take money from Powerwise despite appearing on TV commercials for them.

I looked them up here: http://www.powercorporation.com/index.php?lang=eng

It says:

Power Corporation of Canada is a diversified international management and holding company with interests in the financial services industry in North America and Europe. Through affiliates, Power Corporation of Canada holds diversified industrial interests in Europe and China.

Looks like Lefebvre Charitable Foundation is John LeFebvre of a big LeFebvre Financial Services firm:




Looks like Stephen R Bronfman is on David Suzuki Foundation’s “Board of Directors”



The Stephen R. Bronfman Foundation
Nancy Rosenfeld, Executive Director
The Stephen R Bronfman Foundation
1170 Peel Street, Suite 800
Montreal QC
H3B 4P2
T: 514-878-5251
F: 514-878-5293″


(The CEGN looks like a front for corporate interests and donations to be funnelled through seemingly innocent names)


Here’s something on the Patrick and Barbara Keenan Foundation:




Here’s the wishy-washy Suzuki quote for the day:

“There’s a place for us all in the jigsaw puzzle of sustainability. And when it all comes together, it will be a beautiful picture indeed.” — Dr. David Suzuki


So a sustainable world has room for 6.7 billion people?  I don’t think so.
Here’s the DSF’s Nature Challenge list according to  

-Reduce home energy use by 10%
-Choose energy-efficient homes & appliances
-Don’t use pesticides
-Eat meat-free meals one day a week
-Buy locally grown and produced food
-Choose a fuel-efficient vehicle
-Walk, bike, carpool or take transit
-Choose a home close to work or school
-Support alternative transportation
-Learn more and share with others

In consultation with the Union of Concerned Scientists the Foundation researched the most effective ways to help conserve nature and improve our quality of life, and invited the public to embrace them in their daily lives.

So the “most effective ways to help conserve nature and improve our quality of life” does not include reducing your reproduction or advocating immigration reduction to stop human expansion?

This suggests that the “Union of Concerned Scientists” may also be in denial of the population factor, just like the David Suzuki Foundation.

Brishen Hoff

December 17, 2008


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  1. In a just world this would win the award for the top prize in investigative journalism. Simply brilliant. Suzuki is not only a liar, a coward and a hypocrite, but a thoroughly corrupt one at that. I now feel that the scathing things that I have written about him were, in retrospect, far too temperate. And I am much less charitable to those in our own ranks who are charitable toward him. This is Canada’s David Gelbaum scandal, only much worse, because neither Gelbaum nor Carl Pope were America’s premiere environmental icon.

    The most frustrating thing about these unknown facts is that even if we could broadcast them, true believers in the Suzuki cult would continue their worship just as the followers of Jimmy Swaggart still follow him. We need the help of James Randi to bring this fraud down. Even with this, celebrities who read this will still offer their support to a fellow member of the Old Boys Club, the CBC Pantheon of Anointed Ones. Remember, we are dealing with an environmental movement that doesn’t see any connection between population growth and environmental ruin, and a PC mindset that thinks that immigration is sacrosanct and necessary. So what’s the problem with our hero accepting bribes to keep quiet about something that he thinks (not us) damages the environment?

    What must come out of this is a public demand to know who makes contributions to environmental NGOs and how much they contribute. The public have a right to follow the money trail, for money talks and draws different conclusions than what the rhetoric of politicians and environmental leaders would lead us to believe. If the public had learned through research, as I did, that Barrack Obama received $389 million in campaign donations from Wall Street corporations, one third more than McCain, and the majority of donations from the defense industry, the election may have taken a different turn. Corporations don’t give money without expecting something in return. The Royal Bank of Canada collects money for Nature Conservancy of Canada for a reason. To provide a Green cover for its mission of financially lubricating the conversion of farmland and marshes to subdivisions and buying the silence of a prominent conservation group while doing so. Now Brishen Hoff has explained why David Suzuki will not say publicly what he has been saying privately and discreetly—that immigration is bad for Canada’s environment. The Royal Bank needs foreign home buyers by the millions like corporate Canada needs more consumers and cheap labourers both blue collar and white. The money they throw at the Suzuki Foundation is a bonanza to him but a pittance to them. A bargain for the hundreds of millions in profits that await them.

  2. You don’t want to be an environmentalist because you would have to:

    1) ignore the fact that the main cause of industrial, agricultural and pollution growth and depletion of natural resources is population growth

    2) promote the belief that ineffectual actions like screwing in compact fluorescent bulbs will save the world

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