Dr David Suzuki Is A Liar

by: Tim Murray, November 19, 2008

Mark Twain once wrote that “if one has information that would be of help to others, but did not share that information, then one is telling a Silent Lie.” Apparently, all along, Dr. Suzuki has been a closet Malthusian. He has known that immigrant-driven population growth is an important ingredient in the environmental degradation of Canada. But he will not say so publicly.

In an interview with Jo Marchant on October 15/08, he declared that industrialized countries “were way overpopulated”. Canada is an industrialized country. In an email to P. Salonius dated October 21/2008, he remarked, “Canadians are having less than 2 Children per couple so to keep the economy climbing, we bring more and more people from low consuming countries and convert them to high consumers. This is nuts.” Dr. Suzuki has the insight. But he he won’t share it with the wide Canadian public.

But wait. If not sharing the truth about population growth makes HIM a liar, what does it make those of us who won’t share the truth about Dr. Suzuki?

Tim Murray

ADDENDUM (by Brishen Hoff):

The details of Dr David Suzuki’s statements are available on my blog. His comment to Peter Salonius occurred in a private e-mail only because Peter Salonius pressed him on the issue that population growth is the primary cause of environmental damage. Click here for a transcript of the e-mail exchange between Peter Salonius and Dr David Suzuki.
Dr David Suzuki’s comment to Jo Marchant was when he was specifically asked about population growth. Click here for that full interview between Jo Marchant and Dr David Suzuki.
So only if Dr David Suzuki is backed into a corner will he talk about human overpopulation as an environmental concern.
Check out http://www.davidsuzuki.org/ to see his avoidance of the fact that population growth is a contributor to environmental degradation. You won’t find anything on his website telling people to have fewer children or to stop rampant immigration-driven population growth.

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